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While our name has changed, our commitment to helping you achieve your wellness and aesthetics goals remains the same. We are excited to expand our reach to a wider audience, and we invite you to explore our services, including non-invasive aesthetic treatments, wellness counseling, and more.

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Bay Area Aesthetics & Wellness is a venue of transformation. We understand the importance of aging gracefully, living a healthy lifestyle, and feeling good about your appearance at any age. All of our treatments are delivered in a comfortable, relaxing environment where the focus is on you and your overall health. Our commitment to you is providing excellence in a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic services. We believe you will be delighted with the services and results you experience.

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Reshape Your Body

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Anti-aging and skin clearing treatment

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Safe and Effective Solutions for Many Feminine Health Issues

Laser Treatments

Safe and Comfortable Options to Remove Unwanted Hair and Blemishes

Skin Care

Helping your skin feel & look its best

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Our team of professionals is dedicated to standing by you on your journey to the best version of you!

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We believe you can achieve the best version of yourself at all ages. The results our doctors have achieved are a testament to our dedication and the possibilities within your own life. 

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Mekenna Foster Aesthetician joins Bay Area Aesthetics & Wellness FL
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Mekenna is a passionate skincare specialist with 4 years of experience performing skincare and body treatments in luxury spas. She recently moved to Tampa from Missouri to gain exposure and build onto her expertise. She is skilled in creating an inviting environment that embraces a wide-ranging clientele.